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Uzbekistan - April 2013

I was so fortunate to be able to visit Uzbekistan while living in Moscow, Russia.  I absolutely fell in love with this country.  The people are warm, bright, colorful and extremely friendly.  We were invited on more than one occasion to join someone in their home during our trek across the country.  

Most of the country is Muslim, and the archetechure and historic buildings are stunning!  I loved all of the colors, and being a former potter, I was in awe of the brillaint tilework.  I hope you will enjoy this small gallery and fall in love just as I did in the spring of 2013. 

Uzbekistan 9
Uzbekistan 12
Uzbekistan 2
Uzbekistan 3
Uzbekistan 4
Uzbekistan 5
Uzbekistan 6
Uzbekistan 8
Uzbekistan 7
Uzbekistan 10
Uzbekistan 10
Uzbekistan 1
Uzbekistan 13
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